Submarine Officer Online Network

Welcome to SOON, the online database and meeting place for fellow submarine officers. SOON is run by other submarine officers, and is provided at no cost as a service to the community. SOON offers you the ability to enter your information into the database for other submariners to find you, allows you to search for other submarine officers, allows you to subscribe to email mailing lists to keep in contact with others and share ideas, find other websites related to the Navy, and more.

SOON depends on you to tell other submarine officers about the site, and to encourage them to signup. It is important that we, the officers, get everyone involved to make the website truly useful and a success. We are constantly looking for more ideas to improve this site. If you have any comments, ideas, questions, please email us. Curious as to what is powering this website? Click here to find out. Thank you for stopping by!

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This A Submarine Ring site owned by Robert Mangiafico.
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