About Submarine Officer Online Network

SOON was started by Robert Mangiafico and John Stafford, both submarine officers. We realized that it was very difficult or expensive to obtain information on fellow officers in the community that you may have lost contact with. Therefore, we decided to create a website that would allow the officers in the submarine community to keep their own information up to date for others to find them. SOON relies on the officers to add not only themselves, but to tell others about the site as well as keep their own information up to date as the years go by. It is our goal to get every submarine officer entered into the database. We cannot do it without your help.

The SOON database only allows those that are already entered into the system to search, thereby making the information very private to the community. In addition to a searchable database, we have electronic mailing lists to allow the sharing of ideas and stories between officers via email. We are always looking to expand the site, and offer more of what is needed or wanted by the community. If you have ideas, or are interested in helping out, please drop us an email. We hope you find this site helpful and useful. Thank you.

P.S. - Both Rob and John are on active duty aboard submarines, and therefore a response to any email may be a bit delayed. But please, do not hesitate to email with ideas or questions.

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